Monday 1 September 2014

Walking on the moon

I'm not sure what the the end of the world looks like, but the Kilauea Iki Crater probably comes close.

We spent most of the morning trekking across a rippling sea of ebony rock, the product of one of the world's most active volcanoes (Kilauea, since you asked so nicely).

It was hot work but beautifully barren; kind of what I imagine astronauts must see when they bounce around on the earth's surface (an assumption I base solely on the movie Apollo 18).

Then we drove for an hour or so to where the volcano meets the Pacific Ocean, to see huge gashes in the landscape created by the Big Island's lava flows. And through some of the most diverse weather changes I've ever experienced. Forget Welli's four seasons in one day - Hawaii boasts 11 of the world's 13 climate zones and today we experienced 32 degree heat, rain of the gently misting variety, heavy downpours (and subsequent cooling) and a pea soup fog like the ones I saw in London (once, when I lived in Finsbury Park, I literally walked into a man walking his dog, so impenetrable was the fog).

But I digress. Hawaii is an amazingly diverse cluster of islands and today's premium hunk of volcano was one of the highlights of a trip so far packed with them.

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