Sunday 7 September 2014

Home - and a Sunday Magazine story

We left Honolulu at 11.00pm on Friday and arrived back at 6.30am today; Saturday, it appears, was simply gobbled up by the ether.

A slightly longer flying time of nine hours - although it could potentially have felt much longer, given the group of babies on our flight apparently on their way to a screaming convention. And all were busy limbering up. Thank the lord for sleeping pills, is all I can say.

But it is good to be home, and to see the fur baby who, thankfully, keeps within a much lower ear-shredding range. And it may not be 32 degrees in Wellington, but at least the sun came out to greet us.

Also, it's been a while between drinks (mainly because my time has been sucked by other publications this year) but my story about PANKS (Professional Aunts, No Kids) was published in the Sunday Star Time's Sunday Magazine today. Click here to read.

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