Wednesday 24 September 2014

What a difference 48 hours makes

Today the sun was out, the air was electric with fresh smells and, for the first time in ages, it actually felt as though summer was nearing the runway.

A very different picture from Monday when a cold snap had me reaching for an extra duvet and  hustling to find the gloves I had neatly packed away. I was hoping against hope that the Wonderdog would take one look at the dreich and refuse to go for his walk. Sadly, he is not that kind of boy but as we trudged into the hills after work, it started to hail. Big, hard chunks that scared him witless and led me to say very bad words.

I'm not sure Bristol has ever experienced hail and he's so fragile, the shower probably hurt him. So he did what any Mama's boy would do - he ran behind my legs and lifted his front paws so I could pick him up and envelop him in my coat as we both sheltered under a big oak tree and waited for the storm to pass.

It was soooo very cute - Bristol needed his Mama to protect him and so I did. In my doggie-centric world, that is the sweetest thing that's happened in a while.

It's also been a while since I've featured a roll-call of some of the cuties found during many rabbit-hole hours spent on Tumblr. Prepare for your heart to melt (if not, then why are we even friends?!)

      (Pic Credit: Tumblr)

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