Wednesday 3 September 2014

Hau Oli La Hanau

Or happy birthday, in Hawaiian.

Today it's my beloved's birthday (yesterday in NZ). And I could not think of a better place in which to celebrate it with him.

There was a late start and breakfast on our balcony with this view.

Later we went for a walk and drank up the 30 degree heat. There was a drive into the hills, a long, lazy lunch and tonight the Animator is going to swim with the manta rays. It's not my kind of thing so I plan to sit on the balcony, watch the waves roll in and drink wine. And, boringly, do some work for a story due in last week.

Here's the birthday boy:

And again, refusing to pose in front of the hilarious 'muscle' car we've been driving around for the past few days:

US readers will no doubt laugh, but we've never been to a Walmart store. So when we drove past one, I insisted we stop. And it was all kinds of novel - there is so much stuff in there I never knew I needed. Such as this avocado slicer/masher that I just had to have. Yeah, I know.

The Animator trailed behind me, laughing like a crazy person. But hey, it's his birthday so he can do what the heck he likes, no?


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