Thursday 18 September 2014


Emotionally stunted young Scottish lads, a heat-wave and a rubbish strike: these are the key elements of the play Boys by Ella Hickson, which our lovely neighbour and friend Neil is currently starring in and which we're going to see tonight.

Cultural philistine that I am, I haven't been to the theatre for ages; shame on me.

My only hope is that I can keep the hacking cough under control; this damned lurgy refuses to break up with me and I have been barking like a seal all morning. Wish me luck.

Today's visual is of Neil as his character Timp in the play.

(Photo credit: Gryphon Theatre) 


  1. SS, try Red Seal's Broncol for your spluttering. It was the only thing that helped me plus its actually
    quite yummy. Best Catherine

  2. You are a darling, lovely Catherine! The Animator has been ordered to go buy me some as soon as the shops open tomorrow. Hope all good in your world xx



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