Monday 17 November 2014

Have you met my butlers?

For the seven days and seven nights we spent floating down the Rhine, we had the services of these two incredible butlers, Valentina and Emil.

For two poor kids from the Hutt, it was a slightly surreal experience having a butler, letalone two. Even weirder was getting back to our stateroom at night and finding the cheap and nasty t-shirt I sleep in delicately draped across my pillow by a woman wearing white gloves. And having our laundry done (again, much angsting about getting Valentina to press a chain store dress for the Captain's Dinner - would she notice the label?!)

But we adjusted with indecent haste and, if I'm honest, every time I have to do something like unload the dishwasher or make a cuppa, I long for Valentina or Emil to appear and make these turgid domestic tasks disappear as though by magic.

Oh that my surname was Branson or Zuckerberg....



  1. Hark at you, a butler - or two even! Hey Shaz have just caught up on this latest trip - you are a lucky wee globe trotter! But looks like you had fun and at least Martin got to go with you this time around. Look forward to reading the stories.

    Mel xox

  2. Hey sweets, yes I have been a lucky wee girl this year. And it was super special that Marty got to come too. But now, as you pointed out, I have to buckle down and write the stories, because there's no such thing as a free lunch, or even a free cruise, right?! Hope all good in your world



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