Monday 3 November 2014

Is this the most beautiful city in the world?

Quite possibly. The Animator, a man used to expressing himself through pictures rather than words, summed it up perfectly when he said: "The last time I was in Amsterdam, I spent a week getting wasted. I didn't see the city at all. Now I'm older and wiser, I'm amazed at how much beauty I missed".

Jet lag has wrapped itself around us both like a comfy cardi, so yesterday we rose early and wandered the city, slack-jawed at how effortlessly stunning it is.

Later, we set sail on Uniworld's SS Antoinette for the Castles Along the Rhine boutique river cruise. And, as luck would have it, ourselves and the other journo/photographer couple were upgraded to the premiere suites. Which means we have our own butler! Doing laps of the gratitude pool right now.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it's good to be me...

Today's visuals are of lovely, lovely Amsterdam.


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