Thursday 13 November 2014

One flight down, three to go

I am now in Terminal 2 of Charles de Gaulle Airport, awaiting the next leg of the tortorous journey home.

I have also just eaten possibly the worst mozzarella baguette in the history of the world (honte, France!) but on the plus side, the WiFi here is whizz-bangingly fast, the same of which cannot be said for my least favourite airport in the world, Heathrow.

I now have to entertain myself for two and a bit hours until the flight to Honkers. Thankfully, I have a book that I'm supposed to be reviewing for North & South Magazine I brought with me and have barely cracked the spine. Time to get on the speed reading train.

Sad, I know, but all I can rustle up for your viewing pleasure today is this pic of Charles de Gaulle Airport. Au revoir kids, see you on the other side.

(Pic credit: Google Images) 

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