Tuesday 3 March 2015

Belated weekend photos

There was more painting this weekend - for me at least. I spent Saturday turning this horrid pine TV cabinet into something a little cooler, thanks to my new best friend, white paint.

While  I sanded and under-coated and laboriously applied two coats of paint, I almost got drunk on the smell of fat, juicy peaches. Joy of joys, we have several fruit trees on our property which are now pregnant with ripe fruit. As if the bach couldn't get any more joyful.

A couple of months back the Animator's nephew flew down from Auckland to stay with us for the weekend; he pronounced the bach's bathroom so "hideous" he refused to take a shower the entire two days. He'd be pleased to know the Animator spent Sunday making good use of his new sledgehammer, ripping the 70s decor apart.

The plumbers have now apparently finished their plumbing and by this time next week, we should have a bathroom fit for even the fussiest Auckland princess.


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