Tuesday 24 March 2015


Two Saturdays ago, we popped out for lunch - and ended up emptying our bank-accounts into the local VW dealer.

Although our much loved Rav 4 worked a treat, driving back and forth to the bach had added far too many kilometers. Plus,said the Animator, who knows about these things, it wasn't terribly fuel efficient. In the end the Rav had to go.

Today our silver 2015 Polo arrived; and it is all manner of gorgeous. For a confirmed non petrol-head like me, all the bells and whistles are a little confusing and, being European, the indicator and wipers are on the "wrong" side. But I'm sure I'll figure it out.

I've always been on the tight side when it comes to cars; I don't care enough about them to want to plough all my disposable income into one. So you can imagine how much it's hurting right now to think of my empty bank account.

Still, as the Animator pointed out, we may be eating baked beans on toast for the next wee while but at least we have a nice car. Until it gets blasted with dog hair, sand from the beach, and all manner of detritus, that is. Am hoping that the delicious new car smell will hang around for a bit, though.

It looks something like this...

(Pic credit: VW Volkswagen)


  1. That’s a great car upgrade! I’m sorry that you had to go through financial problems because of purchasing the new car, but investing on a really great car is definitely worth it. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post with us, Sharon. Drive safe!

    Edward Taylor @ Laguna Niguel Auto Center

  2. Hey thanks Edward, yes we love it. Fortunately the financial situation isn't as bad as I made out - as a journalist of long standing, I'm prone to the odd exaggeration! But it is fabulous. Hope sunny California is being kind to you...


  3. I think the new car smell is one of the things why people buy them in the first place, so I don’t blame you for wanting to keep it that way. Haha! Anyway, how is the car doing nowadays? The VW 2015 polo model is a great car; it has good specs and modifications – not to mention an amazing exterior design. Thanks for sharing, Sharon! Drive safe!

    Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru

  4. What a gorgeous-looking car! I think it's the silver that gives it the whole stately look. I hope that the 2015 Polo lasts for quite some time. It will certainly be a treat to go around with that wherever, whenever. Cheers!

    Micheal Miller @ Butler Kia Fishers



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