Sunday 13 September 2015

A long weekend at the beach

We skived off Thursday to the beach house for three glorious nights. And the sun shone and we topped up with the Vitamin E we have been cruelly denied for so long.

There were leisurely walks on the beach and the first G&Ts of the season, taken on a patch of scrabbly lawn we have christened the gin lawn. Thanks to our duty free booty of Bombay Sapphire, I am planning to be a frequent visitor to the gin lawn this coming summer.

On Friday lunchtime while the Animator went into Levin to buy manly things at the hardware store, Bristol and I went for a long run along the smooth sweep of sand, my first run in ages. And it was fabulous - not another human or canine in sight.

Friday afternoon a kindly man in an enormous truck dumped this load of mulch over the fence for our garden (the reason we had to be there Friday as they only deliver on weekdays). Both the Animator and I have the blisters to show for shovelling this lot into wheelbarrows and onto our garden. That's the last time I volunteer my services.

In between digging mulch and complaining about digging said mulch, I started - and finished - a 1500 word article that's due before I go overseas next week, as well as completing a book review and starting research on another story, so go me.

Best laugh of the weekend happened this afternoon when two kids came to the door selling raffle tickets for their hockey club or some such thing. The first prize was a side of dead cow and the second was a meat pack. The look on their faces when I told them that, as vegetarians, the prizes were of little use to us, was priceless. You could almost see them thinking, 'What is this vegetarianism you speak of?' Bet they've never met one in their lives.

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