Saturday 26 September 2015

Nashville, Tennessee

A free day to lose myself in Tennessee's capital. Thankfully, the down-town area is compact and eminently walkable.

There was a visit to the Johnny Cash Museum (ask me anything about the Man in Black; go on) and a wander along the revamped waterfront. I was assured no visit to Nashville is complete without a detour to the Goo Goo store for one of their delectable Goo Goo Clusters (basically like a Toffee Pop with a side of pecans and marshmallows). They are, apparently, a Nashville delicacy, being served here since 1912. I can also report they are delicious.

Hence the visit to the hotel gym for a major date with the treadmill.

Tonight, our last in this small but perfectly formed city, we pay a visit to the Grand Ole Opry.


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