Tuesday 29 September 2015

Mississippi Burning

Not the movie but the place, where today temperatures pushed their way into the 30s. With humidity levels hovering around 8,000% (or so it felt).

Thankfully, large chunks of the day were spent in the air-conditioned comfort of the bus, driving from Memphis to Natchez, Mississippi,

Memphis made sure we got our last hit of soul, rock 'n roll and blues at the Rock 'N Soul Museum. .

And then it was onto America's 20th state and a sighting of the muddy Mississippi River, on its way south from Minnesota to its date with the Gulf of Mexico, some 3,766km later.

Natchez, btw, is cute as a button. It's a shame we're only here for one night.

Dinner was magical - outside on the patio of an antebellum (pre Civil War house). I've always associated these grand, sweeping residences with Gone with the Wind et al, and although they can't be separated from their dodgy past (ie being built on the back of slave labour), there's no denying how stunning the setting was.

Expect more antebellum homes tomorrow.

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