Friday 25 September 2015

Country music capital of the world

On the way from the airport yesterday, the cab driver asked me if I liked country music.

Not wanting to cause offence, I gave an awkward shrug. And while some Dixie Chicks and Faith Hill may have made it onto my phone, too many plaintive tunes about losing the farm or your woman doing you wrong can bring me out in hives.

Today, however, may have converted me. Not only did we tour The Country Music Hall of Fame, we also got a private audience with Johnny Cash's daughter Roseanne and his grand-daughter Chelsea who sang and laughed and shared stories of the musical icon.

Later there was a visit to the famous RCA Studio B where everyone from Elvis and Roy Orbison to Fats Domino and Carrie Underwood have recorded (fun fact: Elvis recorded 262 songs here, around 75% of his lifetime's catalogue). Listening to the original recording of Are You Lonesome Tonight sent shivers down my spine.

I would love to write more but the keyboard on my laptop is playing silly buggars. Where's the Animator when you need him?

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