Thursday 17 September 2015


My fingers are as far from the green end of the colour wheel as it's possible to be.

But the other day, while wasting time I didn't have tootling around a design blog,  I spied grass grown in a simple metal container. And so I gave it a go. Here's my efforts at the start of the week:

And this is how it looked a few minutes ago.

What's the bet that by the time I get back from my media trip in a few weeks it will have withered and died, despite numerous reminders to the Animator to water it?

In other floral news, today started with a breakfast at Parliament for Suffrage Day on Saturday, which marks 122 years since New Zealand women were given the vote (the first in the world to do so, I might add). These were the flowers from the event which we took back to work (the part-time speech-writing gig I'm currently doing).

I wish this blog had Smell-O-Vision because holy hell, the aroma wafting around the office this morning was divine.


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