Monday 5 December 2016

A good day

A day bookended with dogs, and studded with friends and courier pacels, couldn't fail to be positive.

This morning there was a walk along Ori Parade and coffee with my friend Julia and her two woofers, while tonight it was back to the usual Monday SPCA puppy walking.

My puppy was this adorable three-month old mixed breed - the first time she had ever been walked. There was much biting of her lead, walking backwards and refusing to go. I also had to carry her for large sections of the walk, given that the unfamiliar asphalt was tough on her tender wee paws. But oh my, she was a doll (apologies for the rubbish pics, it's hard to snap a puppy who won't sit still).

Today there was also this delivery of three new review books for North & South Magazine which I am looking forward to reading.

All of which qualifies as a good day in Shazzyland.    

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