Wednesday 14 December 2016

Today was filled with

An interview with one of Wellington's leading architects and a tour of one of his renovations for an article for a national interiors magazine (now I just have to stop faffing and write the bloody piece).

There was also a cuppa with one of my oldest mates, Frieda, who gave me my belated birthday present (we have been trying, and failing, to catch up for months), this stunning Ecoya candle.

There was supposed to be a visit to Bristol's least favourite place, the vet, for his annual check-up and jab but they called to reschedule so he has a few days' reprieve.

And I slaved over a hot KitchenAid to produce this mango mascarpone tart to take to dinner at friends tonight.

Best of all, the sun came out so we shall sit on our friends' gin lawn and eat, drink and gossip. What every Wednesday night should be like.

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