Saturday 25 December 2010

How's this for a view?

Frankly, there's nothing worse than a blatant show off, but after what we've been through lately, I reckon we're entitled to a wee boast.

So here goes: this is the view across San Francisco's downtown area that smacks our gob every morning. We're currently house-sitting for Doug and Suzi's doctor neighbour, Tonya, and this is the vista that greets you when you look out of her bedroom window. We're also baby-sitting her adorable Jack Russell, Gizmo (pictured below). Fortunately Gizmo and Ms Molly have taken to each other like a duck to orange sauce, so we're all having a grand time.

On Sunday we head to another undoubtedly lovely house/dog combo in another undoubtedly cool neighbourhood, and then one more before we go home. So far it's been wonderful seeing Molly and our friends and rediscovering what is surely one of the world's greatest cities. Yesterday we had a Kodak moment at the Golden Gate Bridge and once the Animator sorts those piccies, I'll slap them on the blog; they are breathtaking.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for reading my scribblings this year and for the love and comments. Hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are and that it isn't too cold (or hot). Shazzy xx

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