Wednesday 22 December 2010

Things I willl never do

Having survived Snowmageddon, I have vowed and declared NEVER to do the following:

1) spend another Christmas in this country
2) fly anywhere from the UK at Christmas (or Easter or any other major holiday)
3) travel with British Airways
4) refer to this landmass as 'Great Britain'. I can think of numerous other adjectives to replace the first word with, but as this is a family publication, we won't go there.

Okay, rant over. We are now in Heathrow's departure lounge and hoping that the World's Greatest Airline will get us the hell out of dodge. Thanks for the texts, emails and love from all over the globe. We owe you one..


  1. Dear oh dear. I've been thinking of you Sharon and keeping fingers and toes crossed you'd get to San Fran. Are you out of Heathrow?

    I completely agree re: point 2. I wouldn't recommend hiring a car either - this time last year I was driving a hire car around Ireland trying not to fishtail on ice into the nearest barrier or quaint little stone fence. Awful.

    Good luck! Heidi.

  2. Hey Heidi (and everyone) yes we did get out of heathrow - our flight left an hour late but managed to make up the time and made it to LA - then had to wait for SF flight (couldnt get a direct one to SF). Our poor friends were waiting but we got in about midnight. So three days late but sooo good to be in this lovely city and to see Ms Molly again. Hope everyone else is managing to get away - are you staying in London Heidi? xx



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