Sunday 19 December 2010

This is what hell must look like

So thanks to the f***in snow, ALL flights out of the cesspit that is Heathrow were cancelled today.

British f**kin Airways, an airline almost as bollocks as Air France, couldn't even re-book us or offer us hotel or food vouchers. When we got stuck in Paris in May because of the volcanic ash, dirty old Easyjet bent over backwards to accommodate, feed and water us - and they are bottom of the airline barrel. So you'd expect a 'proper' airline to do at least as much. Today I feel as much love for Britain's national carrier as I do for the snow and this country. Arghhhhh...

Managed to book a flight on TUESDAY with Air NZ - not out of any sense of nationalism because I could quite happily travel in the cargo hold of ANY carrier at this stage. But it's the first flight out of this godforsaken place. Tonight Heathrow is our home and tomorrow we will attempt to retrieve our car from the Sheraton carpark and drive back to Bristol. And then make the return journey on Tuesday - if the friggin snow has stopped.

I have now lost the will to live....

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