Sunday 12 December 2010

Tis the season to...

If you're not religious, or have kids, then Christmas is really just a big fat excuse to:
- escape from work
- speed-date with cirrhosos of the liver, and
- throw your fun thermostat totally out of whack.

Last night, we had our editorial/design team knees-up. Thanks to the shiny, happy people below for inducting me into the Brits' love of the silly season - it's been a while since I was flung out of my festive comfort zone and into the OTT spectacle that is Xmas on this side of the pond. Somehow, though, it does feel right to have Christmas in winter - the snow, mulled wine, chapped lips and hearty fare.

Last night was just a dummy run for the biggie on Wednesday - the company-wide bash. The all-day event starts with a choice of various activities (paint-balling, go-carting, pole dancing, street dancing, clay pigeon shooting and ceramic plate painting) which wraps around 3.00pm and then we have a few hours to get glammed up for the black-tie evening event. Expect more random pics of drunken folk - just better dressed.

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