Tuesday 20 March 2012

Ask and you shall receive

Back in December, I mentioned that a Jo Malone candle (pomegrante, please) was hovering near the top of my wishlist.

Yes, my Northern Hemisphere friends, Jo Malone has made it to these shores but the only shop is in Auckland and the prices are about double what they are in the UK.

So when Gina turned up a few weeks back with nothing less than a Jo Malone pomegranate candle, I was the happiest girl in Welly.

Tonight the weather has turned feral, so I am going to finish the 'slash' work I need to do (freelance writing/invoicing/pitching), make a gallon of hot camomile tea and sit in a darkened room letting this incredible scent rinse away the demons of the day. Tonight, I am all about this gorgeous candle...

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