Thursday 8 March 2012


It's been so busy casa Shazzy lately, that I've neglected to tell you about another clothing parcel from the UK.

This particular bundle of gorgeousness contained a cape from Oasis that I'd lusted after on their website; my tireless shopping guardian angel ensured it fell into my hot little hands.

It's perfect timing too, now that summer has decided to flee for the border.

Thank you Anita, I tug my metaphorical forelock at your dedication to keeping me suitably clothed.


  1. It's just another bundle of gorgeousness and long may they continue! Unfortunately H&M was too hectic and I couldn't purchase anything in the frenzy, BUT if you do see it on eBay I can always get you sorted that way? Oh and OMG muchos bien with the dress you wore at the wedding, SO you, knew it had your name on it xxx

  2. No worries and no hurry re: Marni dress - will look on ebay at some stage.

    I got so many compliments about the dress at the wedding - told everyone its origins! Woke up Monday morning to find red wine stains all over it but, thank the sweet baby Jesus, they all came out! So a million gracias to you, mi amiga, for your great spotting!!




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