Sunday 18 March 2012

This weekend was filled with...

  • An interview with a fabulous woman for the magazine below. Not only did she design and project manage the build of her contemporary home, she also recently launched a women's clothing range and has all sorts of entrepreneurial projects on the go. If energy was a saleable commodity then this chick would be resting on a gold mine.
  • Espanol class...the turn of the humble adjective to be butchered
  • Lunch with the in-laws, in their garden, in the blazing sun
  • A walk along the beach with Bristol. Who knew it was so oddly hypnotic to watch surfers bestride the waves?
  • Two freelance pieces (deadline coming in faster than those waves)
  • A sess in the kitchen: nectarine cake is still my go-to sweet of this summer.


  1. Love your new profile pic little one! Very glam! xxx

  2. shucks, thanks for noticing, hon! I had to have a shot taken for North & South Mag (the contributor's bit up front)for the May issue so thought I would change up the page a bit...

    Hw you? Will email you about catching up in Auckers soon


  3. I'm great thanks doll - just got back from Hawaii to this fantastic weather for ducks!! Yes, email me re: your Auckland plans. Unfort I still don't have a home so won't be able to shelter you, but looking forward to laffing our arses off when you're up. Will have more time this time I promise. Yay!! :)

    Talk soon babes

  4. Hawaii? Lucky you....yes cant wait to catch up




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