Wednesday 7 March 2012

A wedding

So the Animator finally did the deed with the camera's memory card, meaning I can show you photos of the Civil Union we attended on Sunday.

I'm obliged, under the Outstandingly Cool Wedding Act, to tell you all about it. However, having woken up at four this morning to take Gina to the airport, my fingers are refusing to dance across the keyboard, so bullets will have to suffice:
  • The bride, Tabitha (Tab) wore a stunning 50s-style dress she designed herself. It was like a Happy Days wet dream. ADORED the deep V-back which we got a great view of throughout proceedings because we decamped to the wee courtyard out front for a better view.
  • The bride and groom (Chris) downed two shots during the ceremony. And said things like "I love your awesomeness" in their vows. Rocked the face off cool.
  • The musical interlude was provided by a woman who owns the Cuba Street shop that goes by the exceedingly fine name of Madam Fancy Pants. I profiled her about four years ago for a national weekend magazine. While the official paper stuff was happening she and some dude sang the theme song from Juno which is surely the best movie song in, like, ever.
  • There was a photo booth set up in one corner with glitter frames and other props for guests to play silly with.
  • There were cupcakes for dessert and champagne cocktails, of which I consumed too many over the advisable limit (fun until the next day)
  • There was a smoking jazz band and a hot dude on the saxophone.
It was, without a doubt, one of the best weddings I've been to: relaxed and non-traditional and fun. Just goes to show what wonderful things can happen once we untie the chains of tradition.

Enjoy these lovely snaps...


  1. Looks like you had so much fun. The bride looked gorgeous too - so nice to see something other than a boring white, strapless dress. If I ever walk down the aisle, I want my wedding to be like this...


  2. Awww, Shazzy, that's so lovely x
    Fantastic piccies! So great to see people having fun at Wellington's bestest bar EVER, Havana!
    The talented and gorgeous Sally created my dress (I certainly can't take all that credit!). She even hand-dyed the lace to that gorgeous blue for me!
    The wonderfully fancy Claire Terry sang with Adam Ring. Blew me away, how amazing they were!

  3. Hey Tab, thanks and thanks so much for inviting us to your wonderful day - if I hadn't got married in Vegas, that's exactly the kind of nuptials I would have had - cool and classy and fun.Thanks also for filling in the gaps of the names, etc

    Btw, Marty took loads of piccies so if you want any, sing out.

    Hope you guys like the casserole dish (!) and please come for dinner soon (casserole optional)


    1. Hello! So glad you enjoyed yourself - it was a brilliant day for us, too. Can't wait to see all the piccies! Yes, please, we'd love to have a copy of the photos you took :)
      The casserole dish is sooo choice, though! We shall bring you something delicious in it soon! We should make dinner plans soon xx

  4. My wifi's been really sluggish and only now have I managed to see the photos!! That's Tab (nee) Arthur isn't it? Hi love, it's been a few years since we worked together...didn't know you two knew each other? Congrats on your wedding - you looked stunning. You too Shazzy, as always!

    Oh I miss Wellington...


    1. Lovely Lil! How are you?! Small world :)

      I am still an Arthur - we didn't find it necessary to change our names. But I'm not opposed to Chris becoming an Arthur if he wishes!

      Lil, next time you're in Welly, you me & Shaz could have drinkies! xxt

    2. Sounds great Tab. Be awesome to catch up! xx

  5. we miss you too lovely, come back!!!!

    We know each other through our respective animator boys....

    And didn't Tab look gorgy? Such a cool wedding too...

    Hey babes, might be up in Auckers in a house yet so we can crash?




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