Tuesday 27 March 2012


As if from nowhere, I am stalked by the lurgy. Today my head aches, my eyes sting and my poor old limbs are marinating in about eight different levels of soreness.

Am unable to write much so instead you shall have beautiful flowers. My American friend Donna brought these over when she popped in on Saturday. Love the way the orange bird of paradise adds a pop of colour to the dining room.

Right, am off to bed so I can try and shake this illness. With all the plate spinning I'm currently doing, I simply don't have the time or energy to be poorly. Begone you bastard virus, begone....


  1. Awww that's no good my little friend... I'm channelling my healthy energy to you... ⚡⚡⚡

    Be well real soon!! ☀ xxx

  2. thanks doll - i need it! But Baby Bristol is exceedingly happy to have his Mama at home on a weekday!

    How did the interview go?


  3. Get better Shazzy - the world is a quieter and, frankly, more boring place without you actively participating in it!

    Take more drugs and keep drinking the lemon and honey

    Mel xox

  4. thanks so much sweetie! I don't 'do' sick so this is really pissing me off! But gotta let it work its way through and hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better..

    Hope all good in your world




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