Saturday 31 March 2012


Can we discuss how nice a day it was today?

Once again, Wellington put on her summer dress. I have now run out adjectives to describe this weather.

We had our last Espanol class for five weeks; we now need to decide whether to continue with the next class or wait for the one after, given that our two week trip to San Francisco is wedged into that block.

There was some trawling of vintage/second hand shops (a nice haul too - pics next week), brunch and a wander with His Highness down to the waterfront where a friend is participating in the Cancer Society Relay for Life.

Tonight there will be Thai takeout, a bottle of red and the second series of the wonderfully subversive Breaking Bad. It is wrong that I'd rather be spending the night with my two favourite males than out on the tiles?

The relay gets under way...

And for my overseas friends: look, we do have some tall buildings in Wellington!

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