Saturday 10 March 2012

Saturdays are made of...

Sunshine and spice and all things nice.

Okay I lied about the spice (unless cinnamon in a hot cross bun counts?) but there was oodles of the other two.

Compare this to last Saturday when a storm so severe blew in, they had to dream up a new name for it: 'weather bomb' (you can always rely on weather forecasters to bring the OTT factor). Poor Gina didn't quite know what hit her.

Today, however, the weather gods were back from vacation. There was a walk around the waterfront, lunch alfresco and lots of Bristol face-time.

And, since you asked nicely, even Spanish class was bueno, although today we hacked our way through tenses - yo hablo, yo he hablado, voy a hablar - and there was much melting of brains and thickening of tongues.

This is what the sky from our backyard looked like at 6.00pm. I believe dinner will also be alfreso tonight...

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