Saturday 22 December 2012

Catching up - and doggy love

Somewhat of a cop-out post today: too busy to chuck the appropriate nouns and adjectives together, so instead you shall have photos.

Here's a couple from the past few weeks, of Sheryl, our visitor from San Francisco, who the universe sent right about the time we were losing Molly. Sheryl, a neighbour of Molly's American parents Doug and Suzi, was just the tonic our poor bashed hearts needed: she was fun and funny and helped stem the tears. Sheryl texted today to say she had completed her diving certificate in the far north and, after a month away, is getting ready to fly home on Christmas Day. Travel safe, our lovely friend, and thank you for being in the right place at the right time.


Have to also give a shout out to the ever wonderful folk at the Wellington SPCA. Today, as is our wont at this time of the year, we loaded up the car with dog food and old newspapers (which they shred for the puppies cages) and dropped in to see the needy woofers. Thankfully, they only have nine puppies at the moment, and an almost equal number of adult dogs, but as we took a minute to fawn over the puppies, there was one ADORABLE black Lab cross who lay there looking up at us with the saddest chocolate brown eyes on the planet. It damn near bloke my heart all over again; I was very, very tempted to shove him in my handbag and leg it. If you live in Welly and want to go to heaven, then get yo sweet ass down to the SPCA and take this dog home. He, and I, will love you forever....

(Pic credit: Wellington SPCA) 

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