Friday 21 December 2012

Today in brief

Because I am busy and y'all have money to spend, presents to wrap and unnecessary calories to consume, I shall keep this brief.

Today started with 300 words of freelance work, some pleading with an airline for a media trip to an exotic locale and pots of green tea with my lovely friend Donna who I've hardly seen all year. We chatted, laughed, moaned and hoped for a better 2013. And, bizarrely, watched two well-dressed young girls at the end of our table obsessively worry away at scratch cards. I suspect they may have been suffering from some form of  chemical assistance.    

This afternoon there was an interview for North & South Magazine with the founder of Kaibosh Food Rescue, an amazing charity that aims to provide a bridge between surplus food and those who are going hungry. Regular readers will know that my interest, and spare cash, goes towards animal charities but passion is passion is passion and, as hokey as it sounds, this amazing woman made me want to be a better person.

Later, there was a dog walk with another of the Mt Vic Walking crew, her rescue woofer Dobbie and one of her dance students. Which was fun until the heavens opened and emptied a bucket upon us. Despite the rain, it is still uncomfortably muggy. We joked it was the perfect End of the World weather.

(Pic credit: Google Images) 

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