Monday 24 December 2012

Santa baby....

This morning, as I walked to work (yeah, I know) I was musing on what I'd like in my stocking this year (if I wasn't, of course, wholly opposed to the carnival of insincerity and overspend that is Christmas).

Last year, my wish list was simple and to the point (here). This year I managed to blag two items on that list  (yay me!) so big fat ticks. Here's what the 2012 update looks like:

1) Yes it's scorchio outside and I'm waiting until it cools down to take the Hound on his afternoon constitutional, but I'm still lusting after these gorgy wintery clothes from Zara.

2) Cookbooks from the divine Nigel Slater and the I'd-marry-him-if-I-wasn't-already, Yotam Ottolenghi.

3) A holiday home in the Caribbean (the sun is now making me delirious)

and 4) A tardis to get myself and my friends from around the world there. And back.

Is anyone listening?

(Pic credit: Google Images and Zara)

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