Thursday 20 December 2012

Xmas lunch

There was good food, beverages and an outdoor table. And more sunshine than we knew what to do with.

A perfect day and a lovely long lunch with the folk I spend three days a week PRing for. Later a colleague popped over and we sat drinking tea and chatting. Then there was a dog walk in the almost-too hot sun with one of the Mt Vic dog walking crew and her delightful canine, who she rescued from a Greek shelter and flew all the way back to New Zealand.

Sometimes, just sometimes, life turns out the way you want it to...



  1. Am so jealous of your sunshine! Send some over to us here in waterlogged England!

    Lorna xx

  2. Saw sorry old Blighty on the news last night - hope it's not too bad where you are.


  3. yikes, meant 'soggy' old Blighty, not sorry old Blighty!!! Too quick to push the 'publish' button.




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