Saturday 15 December 2012

So NOT the happiest time of the year

I awake to the news of the mass shooting in the US; for the so-called 'happiest time of the year' there seems to be a shit load of depressed folk around.

Yesterday I went to see my lovely clothes woman who sells items for me that no longer fit or please. We had a little cry together - me about Molly, she about friends and pets she's lost this year. She told me she's taken to bawling on the drive into work each morning; it hasn't been a good year for so many, many people and she, like me, isn't sad that its rump is in sight.

But the show, as they say, must go on. The Animator is (again) missing the beautiful sunny day, locked up in his work gulag, tussling with a ghastly deadline. I, too, am chained to the laptop, trying to coax the words for an article that must be filed this week. Speaking of which, I realised I hadn't shared an article from last week's Sunday Magazine - about my pitiful efforts to join a roller derby team (link here). There has been more bad news on that front: increasingly squeezed budgets means that particular publication, a favourite of mine, can no longer support freelancers (insert tantrum). You know those days when it feels as though you've fallen down a rabbit hole, and you wonder what you did to warrant that tumble, and how the hell it's all going to turn out? I seem to be currently suspended in that space.

Apologies for being so goddam depressing. I shall crack on with my work, take the Hound for a run and enjoy this glorious sunshine. Tonight there is the final of the Genee dance competition and the after-match function where, amid the tiaras and tears (the dancers, not mine; although given this week's events, it doesn't take much to set me off at the moment) I will attempt to wrangle a few quotes from the winners and judges.

Thank god for this little chap who never fails to make me smile...


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