Thursday, 11 April 2013

Blogging holiday

No post for the next few days, as the Animator and I are off to Auckland for work.

When I say work I mean a swanky hotel (the Langham, since you asked), some sailing and dolphin spotting, oodles of nice food and wine and a bit of car racing. Yeah, I'm not exactly diving into the happiness pool over the latter, but am sure I can channel my inner bogan (once a Hutt girl...) to write sufficiently nice things about it.

The Hound will be breaking in yet another sitter. I'm not sure she will want to return, given my propensity to call and text far too often to check all is well.

Today's visuals are of my two boys. Call me soft (I'd be offended if you didn't) but each time I go away, it is getting harder to say goodbye to this furry bundle of joy. I have promised him that after this weekend, his Mama will devote as much time to him as possible.


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