Monday 8 April 2013

Miramar Part 2

Several of you emailed to say the pdf of yesterday's Herald on Sunday story was too large to download; apols.

Here's the link from the NZ Herald's website (click here to read). You're welcome.

First day at the new three-day-a-week gig was frantic - but oh so much fun. Today I either interviewed, or set up interviews, with a variety of experts on subjects as varied as infertility, ethical behaviour in the workplace, IT and happiness. It was fair to say I ran most of the day.

I'm not convinced of the merits of returning to a workplace once one has crossed the threshold, but today it felt good to see some familiar faces and to return to what I love best - writing. And, sweet baby Jesus, the campus is almost unrecognisable from what it was four years ago - there are swanky new structures and cafes and reading rooms. It sure as hell wasn't like that when I was a student there. I believe the term we are looking for is heaven.

Today's visual comes courtesy of the Herald story - at least they got the pic credit right online.

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