Saturday 27 April 2013

Childhood memories

Food can take you places you've long forgotten, places that have been lost in the dance of time and circumstance.

Last night, friends had a 'back to childhood' party where they tracked down all the cartoons and telly shows from our formative years. Given they are Welsh/English imports, as were several of the guests, there was a smattering of programmes we'd never seen, and vice versa. It was a fun meander down memory lane.

We also had to bring snacks from our childhood: the only non-carnivorous thing I could think of - and all I was able to grab in a lunchtime dash around the supermarket - was onion dip and chips (crisps to my UK readers). It's not big, it's not clever and it's certainly not healthy, but oh my god this dip is good! I was reminded of my first flat in London, in Bayswater, where the price of admittance for every Kiwi who arrived to doss on the floor was a can of Nestle Reduced Cream and Maggie Onion Soup. Good times.


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