Tuesday 30 April 2013

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You know a few weeks ago I talked about being contacted by the US publishing behemoth Forbes to be the Welly correspondent for their online travel blog? Well it finally happened...

Here's my correspondent blurb and a link to my 'page' (click here to read). Each month I have to publish two blog posts about things happening in Welly, new restaurants, bars etc so will link to those when they turn up. If you're in Welly and have an event or opening or something else you'd like the world to know about, call me!



Wellington, New Zealand

Sharon Stephenson is a Forbes Travel Guide correspondent who lives in Wellington and covers the city for Startle. There’s not much Stephenson won’t do for a story — from getting married in Vegas and swinging from a trapeze to having Botox. She has made her living from words for more years than she can remember, happily switching between the worlds of PR and editing and writing for magazines and newspapers. Stephenson spent five years living in London, where she worked for the BBC, and recently relocated to the U.K. for another couple of years with her animator husband’s job. She’s happy to be back in the globe’s most southern capital and swears its coffee is the best in the world.

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