Tuesday 29 October 2013

Baking with my Mother

This month's North & South Magazine runs one of my more personal pieces of writing, about years of identical Sunday afternoons spent baking with my mother (click here to read).


  1. Hey Shazzy, have been busy and haven't caught up on your blog for a few weeks. But WOW am glad I stopped by today. What a gorgeous story and I bet your mother will love that. And gosh, hope all is okay with the breast screening too...keep us posted.

    Mel xox

  2. Hey hon, that's lovely of you to say. And yes, I have sent her a hard copy. And will defo keep you posted on teh health happs...

    Hope all good in your world


  3. Your column about baking with your mother has been used as a text for discussion of language techniques etc in the Level 3 English exam this year - but I guess you already know that. And rightly so - it is beautifully evocative and depicted the character of your mother (and you) so warmly and naturally. Talk about 'relate to it'! The students who have to respond to it will actually enjoy reading this. I loved it. Thank you!



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