Friday 25 October 2013

Hand model

Yes, dear reader, that is as random as it sounds.

This afternoon, PJ, one of the video boys from work, arrived to shoot my hands for a product shot. I'd managed to rustle up a cake which we ate while we gossiped - when my hands weren't assuming their starring role, that is.

Earlier there was a blustery walk around the waterfront and caffeine with a fellow freelancer, Sarah, where we hoped for a special hell for those editors who treat freelancers as though they're something stuck to the bottom of their shoes, and shared triumphs and horrors from the writing trenches.

I also met two deadlines (yay for me) and successfully pitched another feature. The Animator is spending his Friday night at the launch of a digital game he worked on so I am settling in with the Hound, a bottle of wine and the superb, could-this-fill-the Breaking-Bad-hole-in-my-life contender, Orange is the New Black. Sometimes life really is this simple.

Today's visuals are of PJ setting up for the shoot.


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