Monday 14 October 2013


I am banging the 'too busy' drum once again; and yes, talking about it is getting as tedious as living it.

Last night we had dinner with our animator friend from Aardman, Martin, and his lovely wife Gosia (they've been in Welly a couple of months now) and another British Aardman alumni, also currently at Weta. It was all kinds of fun, and lovely veggie food, and before we realised it, the big hand was way past our bedtime.

It made for a rough start this morning, which wasn't helped by a day spent chasing my tail (and other people's). It was a relief to fall into the arms of 5.30pm.

Having fed and watered all the members of this household, it is now time to start work on an 800 word piece that's due later this week.

Today's visuals are of Gosia's delicious vegan berry cake and banana bread that we gorged ourselves on last night.

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