Friday 11 October 2013

My ideal Friday

There was the arranging and re-arranging of 583 words of a travel piece; it is due next week so am pleased to have made a start.

There was an hour spent peeking through the dustier corners of the internet to find the world's best luxury beach resorts for a glossy mag piece; the sighing and cursing that my surname isn't Zuckerberg was probably audible from your place.

There was a dog walk with Lorna and Dobbie and, my treat after a trying week, a facial with Marie, the glorious skin whisperer.

And then I got home to this - a package of Antipodes goodies from the amazing Elizabeth Barbalich who I recently interviewed for Stuff's Family Time series (see a couple of posts back). Doing a HUGE happy dance right now.

May your weekends be as lovely as my Friday...


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