Saturday 5 October 2013


I am now at the apex of my brain capacity; a day of extracting information from people will do that to you.

First up was an interview with the fabulous Canadian chocolatier and pastry chef Agnes Almeida for a national magazine; this was preceded by a furious bout of cleaning as Agnes came to my whare for the interview. She was charming and funny and we laughed like drains. Plus, what's not to like about a woman who can combine cocoa and dairy products in the most extraordinary manner?

After a quick lunch there was a drive to Khandallah to interview the owner of this new shop. They've only just taken off the bubble wrap but products were flying out the door. A month or so ago I profiled the owner's house for Your Home & Garden Magazine so it was lovely to catch up with her.

The rest of the weekend will be spent coaxing appropriate words to do justice to these two fascinating women.

Today's visuals are of Agnes and the cute new tea pea store.

(Agnes pic from Stuff)


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