Monday 26 January 2015

How freaking cool is this chick?

I first met the astounding Nicole Doriguzzi a couple of years ago when we were both walking our pooches in the Town Belt.

Over the years we've run into each other numerous times and I've gotten to understand this crazy, tattooed chick with a heart bigger than Wellington Harbour. Bit by bit, she also shared stories of the illness, cystic fibrosis, that has made her life so difficult.

Tonight after work Bristol and I ran into her and her two woofers and she told me she had given up her job and sold to van so she could head off to Santiago, Chile for two months to work with stray dogs. The Dom did a story on her last week (click here to read) and I'm planning to do one on her when she gets back.

Tired and jaded old bitch that I am, there isn't much in this world that raises my 'amazing' barometer; but Nicole did that today. She's all kinds of fantastic, this young woman, but also badly needs dosh so she can help feed and care for Santiago's quarter of a million strays. I've just donated to her Give a Little page, so why don't you too? Click here to donate. 

 (Pic credit: Stuff)

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