Tuesday 20 January 2015


I have spent the last hour emailing and texting 25+ very disappointed people to tell them they were unable to move into our rental property.

Our current tenant, a quiet British lawyer, has been in the property for 18 months and, sadly, is being transferred to Christchurch with her job. I briefly considered locking the door and refusing to let her leave but that, I'm told, is inappropriate, stalkerish behaviour.  

Instead, I spent an hour Friday night and again today at lunchtime repeating myself about the down-town property we've owned for around 10 years and where I once lived for four months. In the past, the rental agreement has always expired around August, a quiet time when we're lucky to get about 10 people through. This time, however, the advert has had about 1,000 views on Trade Me and the phone is still ringing off the hook. Note to landlords: advertise your properties in January/Feb and you'll be inundated with interested parties.

I now want to go and lie down in a darkened room because while it's all well and good to get the best tenants possible, I also met some lovely folk in the last few days and it's hard having to tell them they can't have the house they really, really want (the one exception was the princess who looked aghast when I told her I wouldn't be making a decision for a few days; apparently her current lease ran out this week and she NEEDED to know there and then if she could have the place).

What I need is something beautiful to rest my weary retinas on, so here are some beauties from Tumblr.

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