Monday 19 January 2015

Painting, gardening and spending our weekends enslaved to the beach house

Another weekend of trying to knock the 50 shades of peach bach into the kind of cool beach houses I write about for a raft of interior magazines. Fortunately, the god of long weekends smiled upon us, giving us another day in which to do so (thank you Welli Anniversary Day).

There was also an assault on the jungle (sorry, garden) that hasn't been touched for three years (my compost pile groweth) and I also found time to write two stories due in this week (go me).

A lovely long weekend and, I swear, it gets harder to leave the bach each time. Currently trying to hatch a plan to spend more time up there...

Today's visuals are of the Animator hard at work painting; apologies for the lack of pics but we are so busy working our butts off we usually forget to capture the moment.

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