Saturday 3 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Q: "Did you have a relaxing two-week Xmas break?"

A: "No, I have a bach (beach house)."

Apologies for the radio silence - we have spent the past two weeks at the new bach where there is no cell or internet service (I cannot begin to tell you how glorious it was to unplug for the duration).

We, of course, don't do idle: our days were shaped by the ripping up of carpet, stripping of wall-paper and knocking down of walls, interspersed with twice daily visits to the beach (including several glorious early morning runs where we had the whole sandy expanse to ourselves), work (I had two stories to write over the break) as well as copious amounts of G&T and cold white wine.

There were visits from friends for a night (and their dog), Christmas arvo at the beach with mates who have a bach two streets from ours (and four other dogs - Bristol was in canine heaven) and a fabulous New Year's Eve with other friends with a waterfront bach.  

Bristol has taken to the beach like a duck to orange sauce: he has overcome his fear of water and is obsessed with chasing sticks into the surf. Which, of course, means he leaves sandy deposits wherever he goes and his overgrown locks have taken on a distinct surfer-hippie-dread-locked look. He is badly in need of a hot date with a pair of grooming shears.

As for us, we are tired but happy; it was probably one of the best Xmas breaks I've ever had. I can't say I'm best pleased about returning to work on Monday but there is much to look forward to and some exciting stuff just around the corner.

Apologies too for failing miserably on the photographic front; despite the marvellous two weeks, I failed to take one single photo. I have also failed to compile the usual yearly round-up; expect that sometime later this week.

For now, there are three loads of washing to be done, lawns to be mowed and cupboards to be filled. I hope your break was suitably festive and here's to a fabulous 2015...

(Pic credit: Google Images) 

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