Tuesday 19 May 2015

Changi Airport

Two flights down, one to go.

Currently stuck in the strange, subterranean existence of Singapore's Changi Airport Terminal Two transit lounge. It reminds me of Vegas casinos - you don't know whether it's night or day or even what time it is.

We have hours before our flight to Delhi so we've had hot showers and I'm now making a half-hearted attempt to work. The Animator, meanwhile, is trawling the numerous duty free shops, trying to find me a new iPhone (my current one hasn't been the same since the water bottle Vs handbag incident in London last November).    

People watching in airports is also fun - it takes on an extra frisson of excitement when you're tired and jet-lagged and are unable to control what comes out of your mouth.Although I don't mind travelling on my own, it's always entertaining having the Animator with me. He does make me laugh.

We really ought to try and get some rest, though: we arrive in India at 5.30am and are being picked up for our city tour at 1.00pm. And y'all all know how busy these media famils can be....so hang onto your hats, because we're about to arrive in crazy town (in more ways than one).

I had planned to include a visual of one of my favourite airports, but the laptop is playing silly buggars and I am shattered so sorry, it's a visual-free day today.


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