Tuesday 26 July 2011


Describing Wellington's weather as “bloody freezing” is a cautious use of language, a little like calling Barack Obama “quite important”.

Apparently it's our timing that's to blame: had we been here last week, or even a few days ago, we would have been lolling about in double digit temps. Instead, I almost got blown over on Courtenay Place this am.

What I need is to bring a big, fat box of perspective to the table: it is winter, afterall. And our accommodation is lovely and warm. And walking down the street this morning I ran into at least five friends and former colleagues who were so welcoming I almost forgot I could no longer feel my face.

And I have a couple of houses to view this week. And lunches/coffee/drinks with friends. And a six month contract lined up to start next week.

On balance, I think I am going to like this being home lark...

(Pic credit: Citizens Advice UK)

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