Tuesday 12 July 2011

In the midst of the moving madness....

Spied this pic today and couldn't help but right click and save. Yes even Shazzy, who believes children are the devil's spawn, thinks this kid is well cute. But as I spend yet another day making out with my headless chicken persona, this photo is like a visual sorbet, cleansing my fevered mind.

In other news, and apropos of nothing, during my half hour walk home today I was accosted by:

a) SEVEN different charity people, trying to solicit money. Is there a rule that charity workers have to have blonde dreadlocks?

b) A street person who smelt strongly of Tennents Extra and had an even stronger West Country accent (think the Forest Gump of England). He's obviously got good taste though, because he admired my shoes and asked if he could try them on.

c) A woman handing out sale flyers for a maternity shop. Excuse me? Do I look as though I am about to give birth? Sweet baby Jesus, must be time to up the running...

(Pic credit: Pinterest)

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