Saturday 9 July 2011

OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!

Apologies for the gratuitous abuse of exclamation marks and capital letters, but some things are too important to go into lower case (or remain unadorned with grammatical marks).

Because (drum roll please) WE ARE GOING HOME!!!

That clever wee hubbie of mine has been offered a contract back with his previous employer who is, very kindly, paying for our flights, accommodation and a car which is fabulous given our Thorndon apartment is let until November.

Trying to extricate ourselves from our lives here in two weeks is the stuff that heart attacks are made of. I may well stay on a little longer to tie up loose ends.

It's been a fun 14 months (16 for the Animator) and I'm glad that Bristol is part of our story but I'd be lying if said I wasn't overjoyed to be leaving this turgid economy with its ever recurring parade of redundancies and low wages. Not to mention the schizophrenic weather and overcrowding. Of course, I will miss the dear friends I've made, the proximity to wonderful European cities and the sublime shopping, but they're only a plane ride away.

Besides, now I get to do those things I have been waiting so long for – like getting a dog. The thought that very soon I will be able to visit the Wellington SPCA and pick out a needy woofer makes me smile so widely I fear my face will crack.

And I won't bang on about how tired I am of living in a house that even crack addicts would dismiss as too squalid; you've heard it all before. I currently have a ridiculous number of Welly estate agents on speed-dial and am scouring websites daily for new listings. Fingers crossed it won't be long until our lovely new home - which we hope will have four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a garage and garden and won't be attached to anyone else – reveals itself.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to attend to a glass or two of bubbles...

(Pic: credit unknown)

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